The Giant Killers



  Every major F A cup upset since 1888


Every occasion where a top flight club has been beaten by lower division opposition

(and any occasion since 1921 where a non league club defeated a Second Division side}

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The 100 greatest of all time was built by comparing nearly 800 FA cup upsets looking at league positions, reputation at the time, home advantage, scoreline and the strength of the respective line ups. Each tie was given a score and rated accordingly as each year is added to the site so the entries will increase.

As time goes on this site will continue to add to the history of F A cup giant killing with more years. If you have ever been to a cupset please get in touch as your memories will help bring the cup ties of the 40's to today alive.

n.b. Readers may find that the site only goes up to a certain year and then stops. This is because the site is being built as a live, yet unadvertised site. If you have stumbled across it incomplete, well done and keep coming back to see the entire site when it gets bang up to date.

There are many links on the site and hundreds of games covered so errors and omissions are naturally possible, as are broken links. If you find any broken links, errors or omissions please contact the webmaster for correction.


Use of content: The author has written this site for the sheer pleasure of keeping the memories of these ties alive and has no interest in financial gain of copyright. the copyright for these ties in his view lies with the men who made the stories and it is an honour to be able to present them to the public.

That said, in the interests of the writer's effort, it is asked that if using any of the content of this site for reproduction in print or other websites  that a full and clear credit be added as follows.

'The Author - Steve Porter, who writes under the pen name, Captain Beecher has been a well known web historian of the FA Cup and Grand National since the early days of internet, publishing one of the first detailed histories of both events in the '90s back on the, now sadly lost AOL Hometown platform. His writing on both events has since been republished and credited on a great many successor sites and books on both subjects. With both the cup final and Grand National history now well documented in the 21st Century, Steve has turned his attention to FA cup giant killing and the age old question that crops up every January. What's the biggest cupsets in history? Professionally Steve formerly worked for a National Daily newspaper in London and has used that experience for extensive research in the National archives to source the material on his sites. Outside Sports history he's a keen cocktail mixologist with an extensive collection of liqueurs and spirits, which he regularly serves up at his home bar during the summer. Winters have recently been spent searching old grave yards for long lost relatives in his work as a genealogist.