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The Giant Killers

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2019 F A Cup Winners

Manchester City complete the first ever domestic

treble and become only the third team ever, and the

first for over a century, to score six goals in the

showpiece, smashing Watford 6-0.

So what's the biggest cup shock of all time?

How come Hereford beating Newcastle in 1972 always rates higher in Giant Killing polls than Wimbledon winning at Burnley three years later? While Wimbledon and Hereford were comparable teams, Burnley 1975 and Newcastle 1972 were polls apart. The former was pushing hard for the title and was at home, the latter was closer to the relegation battle and playing away. A more cynical judge might think that TV footage has a part to play. Bob Lord wouldn't let a TV camera anywhere near Turf Moor while Hereford set the bench mark for Giant Killing requirements.

So how can you honestly rank the greatest Giant Killings of all time unless you have all the Giant Killings to chose from? This site is the first on the internet to measure over seven hundred occasions when a top flight team has lost to lower division opponents. Added to that are the games where Non-League teams have beaten second tier opponents since the Third Division was formed just after the Great War.

The result is this site, which took every one of those games and rated each one against the team's league positions, recent history and what calibre of player was on the pitch. It's the most scientific examination of Giant Killing on the Internet and, for good measure, does throw up the debate that there's great Giant Killing's out there that don't get the merit they deserve. Check out the list below.